Weekly Bulletin


TBA: April 25 – Ladies Luncheon @ 11:30a – Cost $5

Message from Pastor Chris

I just wanted to let you know that this Sunday we’re going to be having our services on Facebook Live and I trust that you’ll be able to take the time and allow the word of God to speak to your heart. I recognize that the times we’re living in are very trying and very stressful for all of us and yet I know the word of God is able to bring help and strength for the hour. So my prayer is, again, that you’ll be able to come on board this Sunday at 11:00am on Facebook Live.

Ongoing Announcements

If you would like to follow Ryan Buchanan’s progress, go to http://www.ryanbuchanan.org.

If you would like to read Our Daily Bread online, please go to http://www.rbc.org.

Prayer List

Grace, Healing, & Health

  • Charles P. & Family
  • Elijah V.
  • Ryan B.
  • Samantha H.
  • Christin C.
  • Cynthia W.
  • Christina R.
  • Joy H.
  • Nancy M.
  • Kay T.
  • Andrew F.
  • Lee Ann R.
  • The Deal Family
  • Paradise, CA and surrounding area


  • Stone D.
  • Brenda G.

Guidance & Blessing

  • Pat B.
  • Raymond P.
  • Geri O.
  • Josh G.
  • Shirley W.
  • Brenden P.
  • Desiree & the Lomas Family


  • Peter C.


Please pray for the ongoing safety, health, and ministry of all missionaries in the field. Below is a non-exclusive list of missionaries Highland supports.

  • Parks
  • Douglas
  • McLain
  • Barron
  • Booth
  • Bass
  • Lairds
  • Bateman